Being An Author

I’ll be honest, this is the single most emotionally-charged blog post I’ve written in a long time, across any of my three blogs… why? When this blog is so much more “well crafted” and “professional” than the others, perhaps it helps to remind you all there’s a living, breathing human being behind the writer. Well, … Continue reading

Writing A Novel

No, I’m not going to explain everything you need to know to write a book in one post – it’d be almost a novel in itself. But sometimes the hardest part is where to start. In essence, there are two main angles a writer can usually come from. Either you have a kick-ass, in-depth character, or even a … Continue reading

Research, Research, Research…

Depending on the genre of the writing piece you are looking to work on, research can potentially be the most time-consuming part. And, before I even finish the first sentence, I hear some of you screaming; “But my novel is just a romance! I don’t need to research!” Believe me, it is possible to generate a … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Timed Writing Exercises

Firstly, what is timed writing? A pen and paper, or a computer keyboard. An alarm set to go off in 10 minutes… five minutes… one minute… And a topic. Can be anything. No time for thought, no pausing, no editing. No time to fret about handwriting or spelling. Just pure, speed-induced creation. It’s easy as … Continue reading